pinna get my mulch on.

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01|06|15 Family Session : The Christies

01|02|15 Rae Anne & Neale : Downtown Pcola Wedding
Happy New Year! Had to post this one. Such great people...amazing friends and family.

The Lee House

12|18|14 Sarah and Kyle ; Engagement session
Super excited about this weekend!

10|21|14 Casey's Surprise Proposal to Emily
Obviously Emily was bombed with this... a couple hours of prep will last a lifetime. So happy for these two.

10|21|14 Kristy + Cody : Pensacola Beach
These days the sun is droppin' it's hot (forgive me). We had to knock these down with a quickness. So, meet the faces of these two. Absolutely beautiful people. So honored to be shooting their wedding soon.








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